rifleman, 1916

A First World War British Army Rifleman is the depiction of a model dressed in authentic Somme period uniform and Battle Order equipment. The informal pose contrasts with the formal nature of post WWI memorials. The figure attempts to communicate vulnerability, representing the moment of a soldier awaiting zero hour , …… and his destiny on the fateful attack of the 1st July, 1916.

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  1. Hi Rob

    Just looking at your website after our meeting. What a coincidence – I never thought I’d meet the artist that produced my wonderful sculpture. I love the ballerina in the work in progress and also, as you may expect, this soldier of the Somme. I can see I will have to save my pennies!

    1. Thanks David,
      Im trying to make him life size this year. Only made a head so far ! Thought to use some archaelogical Russian Front items of equipment etc . I thought Winchester cathedral would be a good place to exhibit (if im allowed!)

    2. It was pleasant meeting yourself and Andrew ,then seeing my old sculpture of the walking wounded duo! Theres a drawing i made of two models posing for them on my site.

  2. I would dearly like to see this one in a lifesize mode and possibly outside the Theipville Memorial , it is the epitomy of a soldiers contemplation awaiting battle but at the same time a sense of inward calm having resigned himself to a unknown fate

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