sculpture of prisoners of war, february 1943, russia.

I am presently adding more figures to encapsulate the magnitude of tragedy experienced by the defeated German VI Army in Southern Russia. So far nearly fifteen men have been reconstructed, using help from friends to model actual winter uniform and equipment in my studio space here in Winchester. Each figure is around 30cm in height.

The finalised Fifteen figures are to be exhibited in Londons Mall Galleries from Sept 25th – Oct 13th, as part of the Threadneedle prize competition . There is a chance for the public visiting to vote for their favourite entry .

Update; I won the Visitors Choice with my group, which collected 13% of the total vote in the exhibition of 153 works.

2015 – I am presently moulding the whole set of fifteen figures and look for a sponsor to get these cast into Bronze and a possible exhibition .


3 Replies to “sculpture of prisoners of war, february 1943, russia.”

  1. Congratulations on winning the Visitors’ Choice award at The Threadneedle Prize
    exhibition, Robert.

    I saw Defeat on a BBC News website report. Very evocative and affecting. Hope to get
    chance to see it in real life.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Conrad ,
      Its on until Saturday 13th Oct , 3pm . Otherwise im bringing them back down to Winchester to cast in metal . Your welcome to visit anytime .

    2. Your very welcome to come and see it in Winchester Conrad . Over the next few months il be mould making so as to cast them all. The prize was a relief actually !!

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